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Pneumatic atomizing nozzles

Pneumatic atomizing nozzles produce extremely fine droplets with a small droplet spectrum. They can be split into two types: Internal mixing (for low viscous fluids) and external mixing (for viscous fluids). Gas and liquid are mixed on the inside or outside of the nozzle. Depending on the actual design of the nozzle, the liquid is self-aspirated or supplied under pressure. Various spray jet shaped can be achieved through the design of the nozzle tip.

Hollow cone nozzles

Hollow cone nozzles are used wherever fine droplets are required. A distinction is made between axial-flow hollow cone nozzles and tangential-flow hollow cone nozzles. Axial-flow hollow cone nozzles are traditionally used for humidification of air, dust control, sprinkling and foaming.

Full cone nozzles

Lechler full cone nozzles are characterised by uniform liquid distribution over the entire circular impact area and are used, among other things, for surface spraying. In cleaning and washing processes and also in chemical process engineering. Full cone nozzles come in a variety of sizes and are made available as an axial full cone or a tangential full cone design. For special applications, unique types are made available, e.g. cluster head nozzles and deflector-plate nozzles.

Flat fan nozzles

Lechler flat fan nozzles stand for uniform liquid distribution and jet pressures. Particularly
powerful jets are generated with spray angles up to 60°.
Nozzles with small flow rates are especially suited for humidifying and spraying in general.
The flow geometry of the nozzle allows to produce accurate, compact jets, available with different liquid distribution patterns.

Solid stream nozzles

Thanks to optimum flow geometries, Lechler solid stream nozzles produce compact, transparent solid stream jets of defined lengths. The almost turbulence-free liquid inflow achieves excellent efficiency, even without jet stabilizer inserts.

For all cleaning processes, cutting operations and applications requiring perfect, punctiform jet impacts, i.e. whenever the point is to generate concentrated jet power, the precision of Lechler solid stream nozzles enhances productivity and performance of your plant.

Air nozzles

Air nozzles
are used for dispersing air or steam in a concentrated and straight fan. Generally, air nozzles have a flat fan or solid stream spray pattern. When using conventional air nozzles, air is blown through a single hole. Often a loud, ear-splitting and hissing noise is produced. To avoid this unpleasant noise, Lechler has designed special multichannel air nozzles. Sound level and air consumption of these nozzles are very low.

Tank cleaning nozzles

Tank cleaning nozzles
can be used for both small and large tanks and are available as both rotating and static
sprays. All tank cleaning nozzles are operating at low pressures.

The rotating nozzles (rotational cleaners)
are driven by the cleaning liquid by means of specially positioned nozzles or by turbine (partly driven by gearbox).

Rotational cleaners
achieve very good cleaning of the entire tank surface as rapid-repetition impact loosens
the dirt and washes it off of the inside tank surfaces.

Static spray balls
do not rotate. They are used primarily for washing down relatively small tanks and vessels.


Our comprehensive range of accessories significantly contributes to optimizing the adaptability of Lechler nozzles to special requirements and prerequisites.

No matter whether you want to change nozzles easily, to provide sealing or just to have an alternative fixing facility, you’ll profit in every respect from Lechler’s technical know-how and practical experience with accessories. As a result, your work is made easier, your capacity is better utilized and you’ll be saving cost to an extent you wouldn’t have thought possible.