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In our online product catalog you find information specifications, prices and many more to our products, sorted by product groups and type series. Certainly you can order these products online.

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The product finder helps you to find products matching your requirement on many different criteria.
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If you dont know the exact Lechler product number or if you are searching for different materials or spray angles, you can use wildcards: "?" for single and "*" for several unknown number positions.
632566??cc* search for all available materials of this nozzle type.
63256?30cc* search for all available spray angles of this nozzle size.
6325?630cc* search for all close flow rates with given angle/material/thread.
6??56630* search for any flat jet nozzle type with given angle, flow & material.
For customer of other divisions please contact us:

Division Agriculture: landtechnik@lechler.de

Division Metallurgical Industry: huettentechnik@lechler.de

Division Environmental Technologies: umwelttechnik@lechler.de