Tank cleaning nozzles

Tank cleaning nozzles can be used for both small and large tanks and are available as both rotating and static sprays. All tank cleaning nozzles are operating at low pressures.
Lechler precision nozzles for tank and equipment cleaning are divided into five different cleaning efficiency classes.


Static spray balls do not rotate and therefore require large quantities of liquid for the cleaning processes. They are mainly used for rinsing containers. Spray balls are inexpensive to purchase and very robust (trouble-free).

Controlled rotation

The rotary head is driven by the liquid. To control the liquid, a turbine wheel with reduction gears is used. This keeps the speed in the optimal range even at higher pressures. The droplets produced are larger and hit the tank wall at a higher speed. Thus, these rotary cleaners achieve an even higher impact, which is especially important for larger containers.

Free spinning

The cleaning liquid drives the spray head by means of specially aligned nozzles. The rapidly repeating impact loosens the dirt and rinses it from the tank surface. The optimum effect is achieved at low pressures in small to medium-sized containers.


The cleaning fluid drives an internal gear by means of a turbine wheel so that the spray head rotates around two axes. The full-jet nozzles mounted on the spray head produce powerful spray jets. During a spraying cycle, these spray jets sweep all around the tank surface in a defined, model-specific pattern. A certain minimum time is required for this. These models produce the highest jet pressure and are thus ideal for the largest containers and the most difficult cleaning tasks.

Accessories for tank cleaning nozzles

Accessories for tank cleaning nozzles
Our comprehensive range of accessories significantly contributes to optimizing the adaptability of Lechler nozzles to special requirements and prerequisites.