The cleaning fluid drives an internal gear by means of a turbine wheel so that the spray head rotates around two axes. The full-jet nozzles mounted on the spray head produce powerful spray jets. During a spraying cycle, these spray jets sweep all around the tank surface in a defined, model-specific pattern. A certain minimum time is required for this. These models produce the highest jet pressure and are thus ideal for the largest containers and the most difficult cleaning tasks.

High impact tank cleaning machine "IntenseClean Hygienic" 5TA

The IntenseClean Hygienic 5TA is a permanent feature, especially in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. It is extremely effective thanks to the particularly powerful solid jet nozzles and is also suitable for small tanks with persistent soiling. The series can resist pressures of up to 15 bar and high temperatures without any problem. All parts used exhibit a particularly high surface quality.

High impact tank cleaning machine "IntenseClean Hygienic" Series 5TB

The IntenseClean Hygienic 5TB has firmly established itself, above all in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries – and with good reason: The especially strong solid jets produce an extremely high degree of eff ective ness, while the gear-controlled rotation ensures high levels of efficiency. All parts used are noted for their particularly high surface quality. This series is suitable for high pressures and temperatures.

High impact tank cleaning machine "IntenseClean" Series 5TM

The IntenseClean is used in many applications, amongst others in the petrochemical industry. It is noted for its robust and proven construction, effective solid jets and gear-controlled rotation. A version for higher temperatures is also available on request.