Free spinning

The cleaning liquid drives the spray head by means of specially aligned nozzles. The rapidly repeating impact loosens the dirt and rinses it from the tank surface. The optimum effect is achieved at low pressures in small to medium-sized containers.

Series 500.234 "PicoWhirly"

The PicoWhirly works with rotating solid jets and is also suitable for cleaning at very high temperatures. This rotating cleaning nozzle with kolsterised slide bearing is made entirely from stainless steel and can also be used in very small spaces, thanks to its extremely compact construction.

Series 566 "MicroWhirly"

The MicroWhirly, with effective flat fan nozzles, is licensed for contact with food. Thanks to the robust bearing made from PEEK, the MicroWhirly has a particularly long service life. The MicroWhirly is alternatively available with an internal or external thread and in an ATEX version, which allows it to be adapted to a wide range of uses.

Series 500.186 "MiniWhirly"

The MiniWhirly made from POM is the economical entry-level model in the area of tank cleaning. The rotating nozzle has effective flat fan nozzles and was specially designed for applications in barrel and canister cleaning.

Series 500.191 "PVDF MicroWhirly"

The PVDF MicroWhirly is made entirely from PVDF and designed to work in a corrosive environment. It is also suitable for contact with food and the application of foam, and can be used for cleaning equipment - all for a very good price-performance ratio.

Series 5M1 "NanoSpinner 2"

Please note that series 5NA has been replaced by our new series 5M1.

Series 5M2 "MicroSpinner 2"

Our series 5MC has been replaced by our new series 5M2. Kindly note that the spray head diameter was increased from Ø 24,5 mm to Ø 28 mm.

Series 5M3 "MiniSpinner 2"

Please note that series 5MI has been replaced by our new series 5M3.

Series 5M4 "MaxiSpinner 2"

The newly developed MaxiSpinner 2 is similar to the Mini, Micro and NanoSpinner series in many ways. As the largest product of this series, it also convinces with effective cleaning results and a reliable and durable bearing design.

Series 573/583 "PTFE Whirly"

The PTFE Whirly is of particular interest for applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. It works with rotating solid jets and is suitable for use in corrosive environments. The slip-on connection has a 3A® certification and can be used in areas subject to particularly high hygienic requirements, such as contact with food.

Series 5P2/5P3 "PopUp Whirly"

When a certain fluid pressure is reached, the rotating cleaning nozzle of PopUp Whirly is automatically extended from the enclosure. These free-spinning rotating nozzles can be installed flush in the tank wall. They are also suitable for cleaning pipes and for applications in the food and beverage industry as well as for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Series 594/595 "HygienicWhirly"

The HygienicWhirly with its highly effective flat jets is particularly suited for high hygiene requirements and for the application of foam. It is available in an EHEDG-version and can be used to clean tanks and equipment. Operation at low pressure with good cleaning effect is also possible.

Series 5W9 "Whirly 2"

  • Beliebtes Design in hygienischer Ausführung
  • Reinigung mit wirkungsvollen Flachstrahlen
  • Vielfältige Anschlussmöglichkeiten
  • Erhältlich mit vielen verschiedenen Volumenströmen und Strahlwinkeln

Series 577 "Gyro"

The Gyro cleans with powerful nozzle inserts and is available in many flow rates and spray angles. It is also suitable for very large tanks and is insensitive in clogging.