Controlled rotation

The rotary head is driven by the liquid. To control the liquid, a turbine wheel with reduction gears is used. This keeps the speed in the optimal range even at higher pressures. The droplets produced are larger and hit the tank wall at a higher speed. Thus, these rotary cleaners achieve an even higher impact, which is especially important for larger containers.

Series 5S2/5S3 "XactClean® HP"

Specially developed flat fan nozzles provide high impact and uniform cleaning for the XactClean® HP. The controlled rotation ensures that the XactClean® HP works extremely e“fficient. Thanks to the robust drive unit the XactClean® HP is very reliable and ensures increased operation liability. It is available in various spray angles and flow rates and is also compatible with the Lechler rotating monitoring sensor.

Series 5S5 "XactClean® HP+"

The "XactClean® HP+" provides uniform cleaning and high impact, thanks to specially developed flat fan nozzles. Controlled rotation, along with higher flow rates, ensures effective results, especially in larger tanks. The robust drive unit makes the "XactClean® HP+" extremely dependable and increases operational reliability. This nozzle is compatible with the Lechler rotation monitoring sensor, making it easy to oversee the cleaning process.