Pneumatic atomizing nozzles

Pneumatic atomizing nozzles produce extremely fine droplets with a small droplet spectrum. They can be split into two types: Internal mixing (for low viscous fluids) and external mixing (for viscous fluids). Gas and liquid are mixed on the inside or outside of the nozzle. Depending on the actual design of the nozzle, the liquid is self-aspirated or supplied under pressure. Various spray jet shaped can be achieved through the design of the nozzle tip.

Pneumatic full cone atomizing nozzles

Pneumatic full cone atomizing nozzles are preferably used for applications demanding uniform circular impact patterns or larger spray distances. Generally, a narrow full cone with approx. 20°-30° is formed. Wider spray angles can be achieved by using special multi-orifice designs.

Pneumatic flat fan atomizing nozzles

Pneumatic flat fan atomizing nozzles produce a flat spray pattern with extremely fine droplets and spray angles up to 80°.
These nozzles are particularly suited for applications requiring fine droplets and a
wide linear impact.

Accessories for pneumatic atomizing nozzles

Our comprehensive range of accessories significantly contributes to optimizing the adaptability of Lechler nozzles to special requirements and prerequisites.