Flat fan nozzles for air

In many industries and workshops compressed air has become an indispensable
tool. Compressed air is needed for cleaning, blowing off, drying, conveying and for numerous
other applications. Where uncontrolled compressed air is applied, very often annoying, high-frequency hiss noises arise, which may cause serious harm to hearing.
These »noises« are produced by turbulences generated at the air outlet. Their intensity depends on the shape of the nozzle orifice and on the air pressure.
This means: the better and stronger the air jet is supposed to be, the higher the health-injuring noise level and the higher the air consumption and its cost.

Series 600.130.S2/56

The multi-channel flat jet nozzles of the 600.130 series generate a continuous powerful air stream. The noise level and air consumption remain low even at higher air pressures. Since the nozzles are made completely of POM or natural PP, they are also suitable for applications in the food industry or electroplating sector.

Series 600.484

Compact, powerful air stream
  • Low noise level (also at higher levels of pressure)
  • Narrow design
  • Series 600.130.1Y

    • Laminar, powerful air stream
    • Low noise level (also at higher level of pressure)
    • For the highest demands

    Series 600.283.42/600.606.42

    • Laminar. powerful air stream
    • High blowing force
    • For high thermal and mechanical requirements

    Series 600.493

    • Extremely wide, powerful air stream
    • For the highest thermal requirements
    • Protecting tips prevent air penetrating your skin

    Series 600.562

    • Compact, powerful air streamAngled design for applications with restricted installation condition
    • Resistant to higher pressures and temperatures
    • Protecting tips prevent air penetrating your skin

    Series 679

  • Wide, powerful air stream
  • Assembly with retaining nut
  • Easy nozzle changing
  • Simple jet alignment

  • Retaining nut is not included in the delivery.