Our comprehensive range of accessories significantly contributes to optimizing the adaptability of Lechler nozzles to special requirements and prerequisites.

No matter whether you want to change nozzles easily, to provide sealing or just to have an alternative fixing facility, you’ll profit in every respect from Lechler’s technical know-how and practical experience with accessories. As a result, your work is made easier, your capacity is better utilized and you’ll be saving cost to an extent you wouldn’t have thought possible.

Eyelet clamps with male thread

For series 226/2TR/216/302/308/350/468/652/679/684

Eyelet clamps with female thread

For all nozzles with male thread G 1/8 A ISO 228

Installation options with bayonet connection

For series 226/2TR/302 bayonet/422 Bayonet/468/652/646/684/679

Notice: Please consider the material combination when using bayonet eyelet clamps with bayonet quick-release system nuts. The nuts may be difficult to turn when using different materials.

Accessories for bayonet system

Suitable for bayonet quick-release system nuts 065.202
Performance size xxx.32x-xxx.44x

TWISTLOC Quick-change nozzle system

Lechler TWISTLOC, Nozzle change in the blink of an eye. Save time and money with the quick-change nozzle system.
Fast, Light, Safe
Maximum pressure: 15 bar.


For all nozzles with 3/8" male thread
Notice: Sockets are also suitable for welding.

Sockets with radius

For all nozzles with 1/4" male thread


Connection components 3/8" to 3/8"

Reduction sockets

Connection components 3/8" to 1/4"

Welded nipple

For series 226/216/2TR/302/308/350/468/652/684/548/679

Welded nipple with radius

For series 226/216/2TR/302/308/350/468/652/684/548/679

Double nipple

For series 226/216/2TR/302/308/350/468/652/684/548/679

Ball joints with female thread

For all nozzles with 1/8" male thread

Ball joints with male thread

For series 226/216/2TR/302/308/350/468/652/684/548/679

Compact ball joints

For all nozzles with 1/8" male thread

Ball joints with welding connection and female thread

For all nozzles with 1/8" male thread

Ball joints with weldung connection and male thread

For series 226/216/2TR/302/308/350/468/652/684/548/679

Filters and strainer inserts

For series 216/2TR/302/468/422 bayonet/652/646/684
Nozzle size xxx.32x-xxx.44x

Retaining nuts

For series 226/2TR/468/652/660/684/548/679


For series 610
Nozzle Code 1/8 BSPP

Strainers, max. pressure 12 bar

Standard strainer for industrial applications.
For service pressures up to 12 bar. With large screening surfaces.
Easy handling. Robust construction. Slim design.
Notice: Standard strainer insert (blue) included in the scope of supply.

Basket strainer, max. pressure 8 bar

  • Integrates flow deflector prevents clogging od the filter insert
  • Dirt particles can be removed via an offset outlet port
  • Prepared for the install of two pressure gauges